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The Musée des Ormonts could not survive without you!

Become a member

You can join the Association du Musée des Ormonts and support its activities by becoming a member and paying an annual subscription:

  • individual member CHF 30.-

  • couple or family CHF 50.-

  • company CHF 100.-

Send us an email to with your first and last name and address, to which we will send you confirmation of your membership, as well as the statutes of the Association. You will then be regularly informed of the museum's activities. Thanking you in advance for your valuable support.

The Association du Musée des Ormonts is recognised as being of public utility by the State of Vaud; your donations are now tax deductible


Become a member

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Several companies offer us their support

  • Alpes en fleurs, Fanny et Sébastien Henchoz, La Comballaz

  • Alpes techniques Sàrl, Philippe Parisod, Leysin

  • Alp’info, Elisabeth Bühlmann Herzog, La Lécherette

  • Altitude Montage Sàrl, Jean-Claude Hefti, Les Diablerets

  • Architecture Sàrl, Jean-Maurice Chevalley, Les Diablerets

  • Au Petit Magasin, Anne-Lise Meyer, Le Sépey

  • Auberge de La Poste, Alexandre Pichard, les Diablerets

  • AXA Winterthur, Didier Oppliger, Leysin

  • Banque cantonale Vaudoise, Les Diablerets

  • Bar MTB Sàrl, Les Diablerets

  • Bar-restaurant « L’Ormonan », Françoise et Daniele Luminatti, Les Diablerets

  • Borghi Construction SA, Les Diablerets

  • Boulangerie du village chez Petra, Les Diablerets

  • Busset Transports SA, Vers-L’Eglise

  • Busset Station Sàrl, Sophie Zumbrunnen, Vers-L’Eglise

  • Cave des Afforêts, famille Favre, Aigle

  • Centre jeunesse « Les Bosquets », Les Diablerets

  • Diablerets Expérience Sàrl, Guido Guidetti, Les Diablerets

  • Eurotel Victoria, Famille Stéphane Wartner, Les Diablerets

  • Garage du Mont d'Or SA, Vallorbe

  • Garage des Ormonts, Roger Durgnat, Les Mosses

  • Géo Solutions SA, Bertrand Croisier, Les Diablerets

  • Hotel Les Sources, Les Diablerets

  • Jacky Sports, Les Diablerets

  • Bazaar Market, Famille Crampe-Loewensberg, Les Diablerets

  • Carpentry-Carpentry Philippe Nicollier, Le Rosex

  • Carpentry-Ebenisterie G.Huck Sàrl, Les Diablerets

  • Mountain-Evasion Sàrl, Les Diablerets

  • Pharmacie des Diablerets, C.-A. Anker, Les Diablerets

  • Plastering-Painting, Stephan Vouillamoz, Les Diablerets

  • Restaurant “Les Mazots”, Nathalie Nicollier, Les Diablerets

  • Solcréation SA, Claude Bovey, Les Mosses

  • Stéphane Piguet SA, Heating-sanitary, Les Diablerets

  • Trottet Récupération SA, Collombey

  • Vincent Jaton Sàrl, Vers-L’Eglise

Our sponsors

We thank the municipalities of Ormont-Dessus and Ormont-Dessous, the sponsors, the private donors. This financial support is essential to the functioning of the museum, the assembly of exhibitions and for the management of the collections. It is a contribution to communicating the history of the region to locals and visitors, helping to safeguard and protect the heritage of this place.

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