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AVALanche at the Musée des Ormonts

The Musée des Ormonts invites its visitors to venture onto the snowy slopes which, throughout time, have threatened lives and built heritage.

From March 23, 2024 to April 19, 2026

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To mark the 40th anniversary of a series of large avalanches in Ormonts, the museum invites you to discover the exhibition "AVALanche at the Musée des Ormonts" ...

In the different rooms, warm and sheltered from devastating slides, in a setting designed by local craftsmen, it is explained how and when avalanches break loose and what forms they can take, thanks to the insight of snow experts. You will also discover how our Alpine country has gradually equipped itself to protect mountain areas from these dangers to rescue victims or even to come to the aid of disaster victims.

This exhibition invites you to immerse yourself in these events, through real testimonies from residents. True gems, these stories attest to the resilience of the Ormonans. They also paint a valuable picture of the surge of solidarity that natural disasters have instilled in the region. Above all, these texts show how this permanent threat has led them, over the centuries, to adapt their environment to guard against it and protect themselves from it.



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